Job Postings

CNC Operator

Job Description :

  • Operating CNC machines to perform tasks such as drilling, grinding, milling, etc.
  • Understanding specifications of the task at hand and the desired result by reading blueprints and mechanical drawings
  • Translating instructions into computer commands so the machines can perform the correct function.
  • Prepare and load raw materials and parts onto the machines
  • Prepare a test run to check if the machines produce outputs according to specifications.
  • Supervise the machines while they execute the tasks and make any necessary adjustments to produce a better result.
  • Inspect and measure finished products and compare them with requirements to determine if the process has been completed properly.
  • Perform job duties safely and accurately as to maintain quality standards
  • Keep work area clean and free of hazards

CNC Set-Up

Job Description :

  • Sets up and operate a variety of manual machines, such as mills, lathes, surface grinders, etc.
  • Perform assembly and disassembly of fixtures, dies, templates, molds, etc.
  • Work from blueprints, sketches, verbal and written instructions
  • Fabricates parts from start to finish using a variety of machines
  • Verify quality of work to specifications using standard inspection equipment

CNC Programmer

Job Description :

  • Read engineering drawings and determine applicable procedures to make or modify parts as required
  • Complete required work to drawing specifications while minimizing scrap material
  • Program AGM’s CNC Machinery to produce parts to drawing specifications
  • Coordinate with the Machine Shop Manager on producing tooling, jigs or fixtures for use in the Machine Shop, Production Department and any other applicable departments
  • Discuss methods to improve manufacturing procedures or increase production efficiencies with the Machine Shop Manager and other Managers
  • Setup and operate all machinery in accordance with Company safety procedures including the use of personal protective equipment
  • Assist machinists in troubleshooting and correcting setups and existing programs
  • Perform preventative maintenance and minor repairs on all shop equipment and maintain all safety devices
  • Inform Machine Shop Manager of major maintenance needs or safety deficiencies as soon as possible
  • Follow AGM’s Quality Management System processes and procedures
  • Other duties may be assigned by a Manager/Supervisor in other areas or departments as needed

Precision Deburr and Assembly

Job Description :

  • Deburr and clean product per manufacturing specs.
  • Assist other departments when needed

Press Operator

Job Description :

  • Operates press under the supervision of the press lead.
  • Periodically inspects work to ensure it is in tolerance.
  • Reviews his work with the Lead Man to ensure that he is performing the job correctly and that all job requirements are maintained.
  • Seeks to understand correct setup and operation of all machinery to which he is assigned.
  • Maintains clean and safe working areas. (This applies not just to the employee’s primary area, but to any other area in which he may be working.
  • Follows all safety rules. Positively encourages others to follow correct procedures and to maintain a safe working environment.
  • May go to the tool room attendant to obtain the correct consumables and tools if assigned by the lead man. Maintains all tools and consumables to extend their working life.
  • Gives job lead feedback as to conditions or issues that will have an impact on the job.
  • Seeks to be as knowledgeable as possible of all shop machinery and tools.
  • Seeks to be as knowledgeable as possible with fabrication processes, metal alloys and properties and relates that knowledge to assigned jobs.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Technician

Job Description :

  • Perform basic dimensional and visual inspection of parts
  • Clean diesel particulate filters with a high-pressure hose.
  • Operate an oven, to loosen the soot on the DPF
  • Uses various measuring devices to ensure compliance with specifications
  • Prepare and maintain required inspection records
  • Perform daily housekeeping responsibilities
  • Report quality issues immediately and follow established escalation model